Beren Saat's new series, 'The gift', on Netflix at the end of December
The renowned Turkish actress Beren Saat premieres her latest project, set in a historic Anatolian sanctuary, where she plays a painter, Atiye, next to Mehmet Günsür.

In February of this year the expected return to the screens of Beren Saat was announced. Three years ago the renowned Turkish actress did not embark on any project after the historical series The magnificent century Kösem and the role of Atiye in The gift is what has brought her back. The first images and the trailer of the series have already been presented, which opens on December 27 on Netflix. In addition, an official presentation has been announced for day 17 and the screening of the first chapter.

The story, which moves between drama, fantasy and mystery, revolves around the discovery made during an excavation in Anatolian lands, specifically in the historic Göbeklitepe monastery. There, an archaeologist finds a mysterious link with a young painter, Atiye (Beren Saat), who begins a search for the secrets of her past.

The most natural image of Beren Saat

In this new series, which was filmed in the emblematic sanctuary discovered in 1963 near the border with Syria - classified as the oldest known temple in the world and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2018 - Beren Saat has fled from everything type of makeup and its image is the most natural we have known of it. In her personal life, the protagonist of Fatmagül is usually quite simple and in this case she wanted to transfer that naturalness to the screen.

She shares prominence with Mehmet Günsür, a well-known actor in Turkey and also the protagonist of The Magnificent Century, who plays his beloved in the new novel, where Metin Akdülger - Orkun in Medcezir- also acts. Filming began in April and ended in June. During these months, some photographs of The Gift have been leaked, but now Netflix has already released the official trailer. This is the second Turkish series for the digital platform, after The protector, which stars Çagatay Ulusoy.

Beren Saat not only launches a new project but has also recently lived happy moments in her love life. After her separation in March from her husband, singer Kenan Doğulu, the couple has celebrated their reconciliation just a month ago.

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