Beren Saat, star in the 'premiere' of 'The gift'
The second Turkish series for the Netflix digital platform, The gift, which stars Beren Saat, opens on December 27 and its first chapter was presented at a grand gala in Istanbul.

A spectacular Beren Saat, with short hair and wearing a beautiful satin dress in light blue tone, was the undisputed protagonist of the red carpet at the presentation gala of her new series, The gift (Atiye, in its original title), the second Turkish production for the Netflix digital platform. The event took place on December 17 at the Beykoz Kundura Factory in Istanbul, and featured many familiar faces from Turkey's television and cinema. The series, set in the historic Göbeklitepe sanctuary, opens on December 27.

Beren Saat and Mehmet Gunsur the Gift

In the world premiere of The gift the complete cast of the series was presented, with the protagonist Mehmet Günsür at the head next to Beren Saat, and the rest of actors, among others Melisa Şenolsun and Metin Akdülger - Orkun in Medcezir-.

Attendance at night was massive and among the best known actresses highlighted the presence of Hazar Ergüçlü (Eylül in Medcezir, Simay in Kuzey Güney and protagonist with Çagatay Ulusoy of the first Turkish production for Netflix The protector), Elçin Sangu (Defne en I rent you my love), Alina Boz (Do not let go of my hand), Esra Dermancioglu (partner and friend of Beren Saat in Fatmagül) or Pinar Deniz, who will be part with Kaan Urgancioglu (Kara Sevda) and Alina Boz of the next bet for Netflix Ask 101.

Beren's husband, Kenan Doğulu, offered a special performance

After the screening of the first chapter, a gastronomic tasting and then several musical performances were offered at the event. The one that caused the most surprise was that of Kenan Doğulu, a couple of Beren Saat, with a special show, during which he performed the song 'Susma' with twenty local Turkish orchestras and instruments accompanying him.

The remembered Fatmagül and suffered Bihter of forbidden Love, which has become one of the most sought-after actresses in her country, was very excited during the presentation. "We try to tell a beautiful story and we have worked with a very nice team, that is why we are so happy. It is no coincidence that we are together, dreaming and doing this job with love," she said and also thanked Netflix for the opportunity: " It was very special that he offered us a free space and felt his trust in us. "

Atiye, a painter with secrets from the past
For Beren, "the leading role in this story is Göbeklitepe." The series tells the story of Atiye, a young painter who leads a perfect life in Istanbul, with a loving family and a rich and adorable boyfriend, and with the project of opening her first exhibition imminently. But her life will take a turn when a secret is discovered in the oldest temple on earth, Göbeklitepe. An archaeologist, Erhan (Mehmet Günsür), discovers something that connects Atiye with that place in a very mysterious way. The beautiful girl embarks on a search for the secrets of her past, hidden in those ruins.

"Actually, it is a story that has come out of this geography. It is trying to reveal a secret about Göbeklitepe, which is a very important discovery for humanity," concludes the Turkish actress. For its part, the protagonist of the story, Mehmet Günsür, said: "We feel very safe. Netflix is ​​a very large institution and its support is really important. It was great to work with all the actors and actresses. I think we are a very good team. We loved what we did. "

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