Atiye series both Beren Saat and Melisa Şenolsun are on the agenda with love scenes!

- Atiye, which is meeting with the audience on Netflix, made a big event in its first season. Different scenarios and successful acting with the eye-catching scenes in the Atiye series was on the agenda of social media.

Beren Saat, Metin Akdülger, Mehmet Günsür and Melisa Şenolsun play the leading roles in Atiye series. In the series, both Beren Saat and Melisa Şenolsun scenes of love made a lot of social media images and comments .

Beren Saat did not accept the make-up and effect that she came across years later the Audience and did not compromise its natural state, she was with Melisa Senolsun  on the agenda with love scenes.

Şenolsun, who gave life to Cansu Atiye's sister, drew attention with her madness in the name of her sister.

Cansu's images with her sister's fiancée were also shared on social media. 2 season shots are also completed and are eagerly awaited .

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