The famous Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug ignored the talk about Can Yaman  in his last interview while attending a Knitss party.

The journalist asked Kivanc: “Can Yaman was in Spain too and there was a congestion at the airport.

The journalist re-asked his question again, but in another form, saying that Can-Yaman paid to private companies to do so congestion and that there was a  comparison between Kivanc and Yaman,
 Kivanc said, "Do you have a question about me, brother?"

Despite the attempts of Kivanc to ignore the  journalists questions, he eventually succumbed and said: "You know me well, to this day I have not commented on any incident concerning me and again I do not comment."
The journalist tried to besiege Kivanc again by saying:
“When you came to the place, Can Yaman was there but he left .
Kevanc said: " Do not do this, men, please. Good evening, I do not want to speak, please i ask you to respect this matter."

He added: "If you ask me about my future work and projects will be happy and then I will answer clearly."

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