Hazal Kaya's baby is born
The popular actress has given birth to her first child, Fikret Ali, the result of her marriage to Ali Atay.

hazal kaya pregnancy

After nine months closely following Hazal Kaya's pregnancy, we have finally received the happy news that little Fikret Ali has already reached the world. As published, it was last night when she was admitted to a private hospital and the baby was born healthy and without difficulties.

The father, Ali Atay, has been with his wife and newborn at all times. The couple, who married on
February 6 and announced two months later their pregnancy, is one of the most united of the current Turkish artistic scene and they have been seen together on many occasions, both in public and private outings, at throughout these months of gestation.

Home fire

The arrival of Fikret Ali has been surrounded by a somewhat delicate situation for Hazal and her husband, because just two weeks ago the marriage suffered a fire in her house and the actress, who was alone at that time, was so scared that She then decided to settle in her mother's house. However, and as she commented on her Instagram account, her intention was to return home as soon as possible so that her baby could be at home and not in another. We do not know if she has been able to fulfill her wish and if when she leaves the hospital she will go to her house with her husband or her mother's, but we will soon know.

Hazal's pregnancy months have been full of outings, encounters and many photographs of the day-to-day gestation. Sweet Feriha has been seen at festivals, awards ceremonies, film and theater premieres - including her husband's last film, Cinayet Süsü, store openings ..., and also relaxing walking with her husband in a center commercial.

The successful actress parked her work last March, when she said goodbye to her companions in the Bizim Hikaye series (Our Story), the last one she worked on after announcing her pregnancy Now she has taken a break time to take care of herself and her baby, and we don't know how long to wait to see her on TV again.

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