Hazal Kaya suffers a fire in her house
The actress Hazal Kaya, who is in the final stretch of her pregnancy, was very scared to see her basement burn and went a few days to her mother's house.

Admirers of acclaimed actress Hazal Kaya have been able to follow all their steps in recent months, witnessing the day-to-day pregnancy, which is about to come to term. A week has not passed without the sweet Feriha proudly sharing a photo wearing a belly. However, what the fans did not expect was the sad news that the actress's house had suffered a fire and that Hazal had to recover from an anxiety attack when she was alone at home.
It was the television star herself who shared the news to clarify rumors, in her Instagram story:

"Hello everyone. I wanted to clarify the news. Unfortunately there was a small fire in the basement of our house. Although it was not serious, I was very scared. Firefighters came quickly to suffocate it. Thank God, all my pets and I are fine , it could have been much worse. Now I am well and happy because the fire did not go to older people. I am grateful. We had to walk around the city and now it is time for us to take necessary security measures, because we want to return home soon before may our son be born. "

Hazal Kaya worried about the baby's condition
Naturally, the Turkish media immediately echoed the tragic event and, although initially some rumors were published that were not true, it was later learned that Hazal was alone at home because her husband Ali Atay  was working, and she suffered a panic attack when she saw the flames in her basement. She was frightened by the baby and decided to go to the doctor shortly after to have him examined and stay calm. The specialist calmed her to see that everything was fine and the nervous breakdown had not affected the child.

Hazal has stayed at his mother's house after the fire, as there is still damage and smoke throughout the house. But, as she herself said, Ali and Hazal are looking forward to return home so that Fikret Ali arrives in an environment of tranquility.

Hazal Kaya has kept her social life active in all these months and has tried to be present in the important cultural events of her city. She stopped working in May, when she said goodbye to her colleagues in the Bizim Hikaye series (Our Story) she was recording, a few days after announcing her pregnancy, and has dedicated herself entirely to taking care of herself and being with her husband, both at events public as in  private life. Recently they attended the premiere of the last film directed by Atay, Cinayet Süsü, and another day they were seen walking through a shopping center.

During the presentation of Ali Atay's film, the journalists asked him about his next fatherhood, he only had tender and excited words. "I wonder what I will feel when I take him in my arms and touch my skin. I am enjoying this moment and my wife is very happy," he said.

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