Demet Özdemir's answer to the claims of buying a luxury vehicle !!!!

It was claimed that Demet Özdemir wanted to buy a luxury vehicle but tried to get the famous discount because he found the price expensive. Özdemir came in response to these claims.

 After the series Early Bird ,Demet Ozdemir who prepared to return to the screens with the series "My home",  wanted to buy a luxury vehicle worth 700 thousand TL, but the price was claimed to be expensive.
In this case, Özdemir was introduced by a player friend who recognized the company authorities and wanted to reduce the vehicle to 600 thousand TL. The player wanted to get the discount was given to get the car.

Demet Özdemir answered the questions of journalists on the promotion night of the shampoo brand , where she  faced last evening  these allegations. Player denies allegations:
There is no such thing, but it wouldn't be weird though. Things like that can happen ”
 she said.

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