Demet Özdemir: you will not see me much next period .. Why?

Turkish journalists Demet Ozdemir was spotted at the Park of Shopping Center. As she was in a hurry, she asked reporters not to wait for her, saying, “Don't wait for me, I'll shop long.” But one of them asked her to answer quickly about her preperation for her new series “My Home.” “We'll start filming soon. You may not see me much in the coming period, only today I found an opportunity to get out and complete my shortcomings ».

Recall , Demet participates in the series «My Home» with the Turkish star Ibrahim Celikkol, and the story of the series is inspired by real events written by the authorGülseren Budayıcıoğlu, the author of the book «Bride of Istanbul», which was converted to a series of the same name, including the Arabic version «Bride of Beirut», Currently shown on the mbc screen.

On the other hand, Demet Ozdemir became the new advertising face of one of the brands «Shampoo», succeeding the star Neslihan Atagul, which represented the same brand for four years, for a fee of up to 3 million TL, a figure that represents three times the wage of Neslihan for the same Advertising.

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