Can Yaman: "Spanish women are very warm"
The starring Turkish actor of Pajaro dreamer has been in Madrid for a few days to participate in the Telecinco program. See you again and has spoken with the media at a press conference.

After a long wait, Can Yaman has finally made a stop in Spain, just as he did in Italy and Greece these months ago, attending to his fans and also to the press. The protagonist of Erkenci Kus arrived last Sunday in Madrid and the commotion at the Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas airport was somewhat unexpected, to the point that he had to be escorted by the police to get out of there. The expectation towards him in our country is being much more than imagined and also greater than what he has lived in those other countries he visited recently.

In fact, one of the things that the Turkish actor likes to do, which is to photograph himself one by one with his fans taking selfies with their own mobile, in Madrid he has barely been able to do so. The avalanche that is created around him is such that he has no choice but to be guarded by his escort everywhere. "I would have stayed many hours taking pictures and chatting with them, after they have been waiting for me for so long," he said during a press conference organized by Mediaset yesterday so that Can could attend the media. Only for a little while could he go out to greet personally the followers who were waiting for him at the doors of his hotel, the Riu Plaza España, before leaving for Telecinco.

During the talk with the journalists he explained how his arrival had been, so different from his previous trips to Italy, France and Greece: "At the airport, the police got a little nervous about the crowds and decided to take me out for my safety and from my team, that's why I couldn't take many photos. " Can is still trying to process fame, but says that despite all the expectation it generates, he continues "with both feet on the ground" and does not like anything "go showing off there." In addition, it is very clear that he prefers to be close to his followers than to remain anonymous: "you have to give them back all the love they give us even if you have to take it easy and have a strong character so that all this does not take your toll."

Can yaman with the Spanish press
Can Yaman: "I'm sad I couldn't enjoy Madrid more"
The handsome actor has not had much opportunity to walk quietly in Madrid as he did in Naples and Capri and also in Athens. "I have only come for three days and I have not had time to do everything I would have liked. I have been told that Madrid is a very dynamic and lively city and I am sad that I could not enjoy it." But he has had time to get to know Spanish women a little: "I've seen them very passionate and warm."

Mediaset prepares another Can Yaman series to broadcast on its Divinity network, just as it did with Dreamy Bird and now with Dolunay. This is Inadina Ask, about which the actor also spoke with the media. "I am Yalin, the head of a great company that will live a great love story," he explained and added that he puts all of his characters on himself. "I always exist in them, I dress them to feel them," he said.

"I will donate my hair when I cut it to go to military service"
Soon he prepares to go to military service and for this, Yaman will have to cut his hair, but he has already made it clear to us what he will do with his precious mane: "I have been offered to donate it for people with cancer and that is what I am going to do" . After that step through the ranks of the army of his country, he has already closed his next project, which we talked about a few weeks ago from these pages and about which the Turk told us something else: "it will not be a romantic comedy, but something else seriously, with love, no doubt, but also with drama, crime, action and intrigue. "

Can yaman at Telecinco Madrid

The protagonist of Dolunay studied Law when he was young and, although right now he can not exercise because in his country "it is not allowed to have two jobs" and he is currently opting for acting, he has not completely separated. "I have a law firm in my country along with a couple of friends and that business is still active. If at any time I decide to leave the acting career and return to my duties as a lawyer, I can do it and I would already have everything prepared in that firm ", he clarified during the press conference.

Interview with Can Yaman, Can Divit in ‘Erkenci Kus’

True to his kind, patient and talkative mood, Can Yaman was close to attending the media and even ventured to throw some key to conquer it: "I do not have a prototype of a concrete woman but I would like her to be funny, to have a sense of humor and be sincere. " Finally, he launched a wish: "I would love to

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