Can Yaman, in front of the lens of Hello magazine in Rome.

Can Yaman explained that there is no one in his life: “I have never soaked in real life. But I have been on television. It's normal for people who work in the same groups to have relationships. "

Can Yaman told the lover of his dreams.

Meanwhile, he confessed from which woman he escaped.


1) I like a compassionate woman.

2) I am interested in friendly and humorous woman. But she has to remain the lady when she jokes.

3) The woman must be cheerful, temperate.

4) Woman's expression, aura, energy, smell and tone of voice is very important.

5) The person in my life should become my best moment.

should not be

1) Too much rootstock may sound unfriendly to a woman.

2) I avoid those who speak like men, who are loud, exaggerated.

3) I don't like the woman who escapes and is enigmatic.

4) I do not interest people with dull faces.

5) I also stay away from the person who tries to change me. I won't compromise myself.

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