Beren Saat reconciles with her husband

After nine months apart, the protagonist of Fatmagül and Forbidden Love, Beren Saat, returns with her husband, singer Kenan Dogulu.

The beautiful actress Beren Saat lives a sweet moment in the personal field. After last March it was announced that Beren Saat was divorcing her husband, singer Kenan Doğulu, with whom she has been married since July 2014, it seems that now the waters have returned to their channel and the couple has reconciled. This is announced by various media and social networks also echoes it.

In  last June, during the recording of The gift, her last work and second Turkish production for Netflix, they could be seen together in a break from filming and Beren shared a photograph of both with an emotional dedication to him. Now Beren and Kenan have wanted to confirm that reconciliation by sharing a photo of themselves in their Instagram stories after they were seen leaving together, holding and happily from a cafeteria in the exclusive area of ​​Istanbul, Acarkent.

In addition, according to some media published, the couple decided to have a party at their house in Beykoz to celebrate that they are together again. It has been nine months of separation, during which both have made life on their side, but finally Beren and Kenan have been able to solve their problems and return to their life in common.

Apparently and according to unconfirmed rumors, the reason for the breakup could be the singer's jealousy towards the love that Saat has always professed for her being her boyfriend of youth and the love of her life according to her own words, Efe Güray, and He died in an accident. Saat's husband would not have been able to understand that she continued to make that love public even on dates as marked as her birthday.

A day after the publication of her reconciliation, Beren attended an event organized by the Eleventy brand in Istanbul, where she was especially smiling. The actress finished filming in June her last work, The gift, which was filmed in a historic sanctuary, Gobeklitepe, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2018. Its premiere is scheduled for December. Lately the highest paid actress in Turkey usually takes long breaks after each job so we may not see her in another project until after a few months.

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