According to Ebru Şahin, does Miran in Hercai deserve the "second chance of love"?

 Ebru Şahin, who made her big debut with Reyyan character in Hercai series which is broadcasted on atv screen on Friday evenings, spoke to TV series program Dizi TV which was broadcast on the same channel.

Reyyan on the question of whether she believes in the second chance in real life through the second chance , Ebru Şahin said that, he deserves every chance over this reality of love.

" I believe in second chance in real life. I believe everyone deserves a chance. Of course, I think this is also affected by the situation. There is no such thing as a second chance in all circumstances. But our situation here is very different. There is  love and true love. Everything is going through it, so I think that second, third, fourth, fifth deserves every chance of such a love ”. she said.

In the first season the impossible love story born out of revenge is the motto for the series of Hercai .
Akın Akınözü said the motto of the second season is“There is still hope”

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