The producer Plano a Plano and the Turkish Tims & B prepare their first fiction for 2020
The company responsible for Spanish series such as Serve and Protect and Toy Boy has signed an agreement with the Turkish, creator of great successes of that country at Mipcom 2019 (Cannes).

The fervor of Spain for the Turkish series, which began with the broadcast of Fatmagül almost two years ago, seems to have no end. After other successes like Love of contraband, Mother, Erkenci Kus and the recent Elif, The thousand and one nights or Dolunay, the quality of the productions of the Ottoman country and the professionalism of its actors has become evident. Therefore, a Spanish producer of the popularity of Plano a Plano, responsible for series such as Serve and Protect, The Truth, The Prince or the newly released Toy boy, has decided to partner with another important Turkish company to start co-producing television content.

 Mipcom, an important fair of contents of the entertainment industry,  brings together the heavyweights of several countries linked to that sector and among which it has been possible to see Can Yaman and Burak Ozcivit.
There has been signed an unprecedented agreement between Spain and Turkey, which will produce content "with Turkish DNA", according to Burak Sağyaşar, CEO of Tims & B Productions, which will also be distributed by the Turkish Inter Medya. “Today two successful producers start a new trip together. It is a great honor because it is the first time that a Turkish company and a Spanish company combine their forces to achieve success in the international market, ”said Sağyaşar.

The two producers already have their first series in the pre-production process: a prime time drama of 10 episodes of an hour. It will have two seasons in principle, it will be recorded in Spain and Turkey. "The development will probably last three or four months and we will start preparing the series in the first quarter of 2020," said Emilio Amaré, CEO of Plano a Plano, who commented that the language is not yet decided.Plano a Plano is an independent audiovisual production company specializing in fiction and entertainment that works with all Spanish platforms and networks. In turn, Tims & B Productions became one of Turkey's main production companies in 2017 when the founders Timur Savcı and Burak Sağyaşar decided to join forces. Since then, it has produced successful series that have aired in several countries around the world.

"We are going to start this series this year and we hope it will continue in time, with many more to come," Amaré concluded.

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