The remembered protagonists of Eternal Love and Fatmagül, Neslihan Atagül and Engin Akyürek, have embarked on the filming of Sefirin Kizi (The ambassador's daughter)

Two of the most recognized Turkish actors, Neslihan Atagül, who starred in Eternal Love, and Engin Akyürek, leading the successful Fatmagül, join in a new series, Sefirin Kizi (The ambassador's daughter) that began last October 25  recordings. With the Aegean sea in the background and the colors of the Mugla region, the first scenes of this epic love story were shot in which the couple could be seen facing the sea and Neslihan riding a horse.

The series, which is directed by Emre Kabakuşak, produced by NGM and O3 Media and will air on StarTv foreseeably before the end of the year, will record some parts in this area of ​​Turkey and others in Istanbul, where they will be during this week in Montenegro and Bodrum. Neslihan and Engin were announced as the main couple of this series months ago and have had the first contact for rehearsals and reading the script on Thursday 24, a day before filming began. In the office they were distended and complicit in the new challenge that awaits them and in the expectation of the public to see their connection and chemistry as a couple.

The story of an epic and impossible love
Sefiri Kizi's story is about an impossible love between the ambassador's daughter, Nare, and Sancar, the son of an employee. As children they fell in love, but over time they realize that because of family problems they cannot be together, so one day they decide to run away and leave their lives behind. But on the day of the escape, Nare mysteriously disappears. Over the years, Sancar has become a very rich man and is about to marry another woman, but Nare appears and with her the secrets of the past return.

As some media have published, the first scenes that have been recorded are about the past of Sancar and Nare, at the time of their escape. The first chapter will take a long time to roll because the plot has leaps in time and the appearance of Engin Akyürek seems to change quite a bit between that past and the present, in which he is a rich man. So, although some fans have complained about the new look of the actor, much more serious and classic than the one he wore in Fatmagül, it is possible that there is an opportunity to see him with that look more similar to Kerim Ilgaz.

Besides,the first scenes  reminded many fans of the previous series of Neslihan Endless Love / Kara Sevda. Some viewers took this very positively, while others argue that such similarities may result in unwillingness of the Turkish viewer to watch the show, as this will be a repetition of an already beloved series.

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