The actor who plays Onur in The Thousand and One Nights, Halit Ergenç, and Bergüzar Korel's husband, Sherezade in the series, returns to television a year after his last work.

The actor Halit Ergenç is a renowned actor with extensive experience in his country, Turkey. After his last job, in 2018, Vatanım Sensin /Wounded Love, where he returned to do tandem with his wife Bergüzar Korel and while awaiting the birth of his second son, Ergenç embarks in a new television project.

Babil is an Ay Yapim production that will be broadcast on digital platforms and will be starring Halit Ergenç and Ozan Güven. The female star of the story could be Asli Enver, although she has not yet signed the contract, according to some Turkish media. Directed by Uluç Bayraktar, who was in charge of Ezel and Içerde and two other great Turkish productions such as Çarpisma and Karadayi, tells the story of Irfan, a university professor, played by Ergenç.

Ozan Güven, who starred in 2017 Fi with Serenay Sarikaya, would be the co-star with a key role in the story. And the child Fuat Fatih Odabaşı would embody Deniz, Irfan's son. Only the main female performances would remain to be defined, one of which, that of Asli Enver, a British nationalized Turkish actress and with a well-known career in the Ottoman country, would be almost closed.

Halit Ergenç thus resumed his career in television after a year of rest, in which he has been at all times with his wife, Bergüzar, who will give birth to the couple's second child for next March. Halit and Bergüzar met precisely when they recorded The Thousand and One Nights in 2006 and since then they have not separated. They got married in 2009 and a year later their first child, Ali, was born nine years old.

The couple enjoys these months of pregnancy while attending the cultural and social events that are held in Istanbul, being a very active marriage as they have shown on multiple occasions with their presence in film and theater premieres, film awards deliveries , etc.

In one of those outings, Halit has confirmed that the baby they expect will be another male. Although his wife was excited to have a girl, as he said in a recent interview, the couple is happy with the baby that will soon reach their lives. "It would be amazing if we could now experience the feeling of having a girl, but my only wish is for the baby to be healthy," Korel said a few weeks ago.

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