Engin Akyürek turns 38 at his brother's wedding.The popular Turkish actor  Engin Akyürek, celebrated his anniversary the same day his brother Eren married.

About to embark on his new television project, Sefirin Kizi (The ambassador's daughter) and with the news that his storybook, Silence, will be translated into Spanish after selling the rights to MC Ediciones Uruguay, the Turkish actor Engin Akyürek He couldn't spend his birthday in a more special way than celebrating his brother Eren's wedding. The day he turned 38, on October 12, coincided with the date chosen by Eren to marry.

The admired Kerim, of Fatmagül, and Ömer, of Smuggling Love, is very close to his younger brother, with whom he has been living until he has taken the step of getting married. Therefore, during the wedding ceremony, the eldest brother Akyürek acted as godfather and was at all times in a leading place with Eren. The happiness of the acclaimed actor did not go unnoticed to judge by his big smile in all the photos that were made with family and friends and that have been shared through social networks. Although Engin is a little friend of these new digital communication channels, this occasion deserved to pose next to the guests and to be disseminated online.

There are many graphic documents that have been shared from the bridal event, so we have been able to see from the dance of the newlyweds to another traditional of all the attendees doing a run, which could not miss the most popular face of the party . Engin danced and had fun with everyone. Who we can't see is the girl who has recently pointed out as her current partner, fashion designer Nevbahar Doyuran, with whom he would have been a year of discreet relationship. Perhaps to maintain that intimacy was not in this celebration, or perhaps remained in the background.

Meanwhile, the protagonist of Fatmagül, who had recently focused more on cinema, is preparing for the filming of his new series, Sefirin Kizi, which will begin recording on October 25 in the Turkish province of Mugla, with some scenes in Montenegro . Much has been said about this new production, not only because it is the return to television of the very popular Turkish actor, but also because it is done with another successful actress from that country, Neslihan Atagül.

Recently it has been announced the rest of the cast who have a great reputation in Turkey. Engin will be Sancar and Neslihan, Nare, the daughter of Ambassador , and the story will revolve around a stubborn and intrepid young man who loves to ride a horse but has an accident.

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