Demet Özdemir encourages dancing for a sports firm's campaign
The beautiful Turkish actress, who plays Sanem in Erkenci Kus, challenges the public to participate with a dance in a contest of a well-known sports brand while waiting for the beginning of Evim's recordings.

The endearing couple of Early Bird is already walking separately. While Can Yaman sweeps his European tour and plans to land soon in Spain, Demet Özdemir is about to embark on the recordings of his next series, Evim, alongside Ibrahim Çelikkol. But while that time comes, the beautiful Turkish actress has been encouraged to exhibit a dance to promote the # ALLFOR1TURKEY campaign of the well-known sports brand Nike, which challenges the public to participate with their own dance.

As is known, the sweet Sanem of Erkenci Kus is a great dancer and in fact before being an actress she made her first steps as a cheerleader of a basketball team. His gifts to dance are unquestionable and we have also been able to see him in several scenes of the funny novel, as well as in the head of the same and in some social party he has attended with his partner Can in the series months ago.

Now she has decided to support the Nike campaign and encourage the public to dance with this choreography where two friends accompany her. And she has shared it on her Instagram: "Dance ... Music ... Life itself as part of my life since I can remember ... Dance ... An enthusiastic tradition, an art that satisfies my soul; a treatment that heals my soul, my body. The basic piece that strengthens me and builds my self-confidence and you also dance freely, since it comes from within 🕺🏻 💃🏻 Because you are the most precious 🍀🎈 # ALLFOR1TURKEY ".

The challenge of the sports brand is to record a performance with its own style with five dance figures, share the video with the hashtag # ALLFOR1TURKEY on the Instagram or TikTok account and opt for one of the three prizes awarded by the Nike and Dance jury Factory, the three related to dancing. It is about motivating Turkish citizens to move the body. "Are you one of those who make a difference and who has the creative power to change the world? Join the dance challenge, show your strength and creative power to everyone with your dance!" Says the announcement on the official website .

Thus, Demet does what she likes most, dancing, trying to spread her energy to others and at the same time promoting the advertising campaign, according to the firm. 8.5 million people who follow her on Instagram makes her collaboration reach a large audience.

On the other hand, the nice Turkish is waiting for the start of filming of Evim, her new series, where she shares the spotlight with another of the greats of the scene of that country, Ibrahim Çelikkol . This project was confirmed only a few weeks ago and it is still unknown when the recordings will begin.

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