After Erkenci Kus and  black and white Love, Demet Özdemir and Ibrahim Çelikkol will be a couple in a new Turkish dramatic production.

After many rumors, it seems that it is already confirmed. The beautiful Demet Özdemir, so admired for her role as Sanem in Erkenci Kus, has a new soap opera and a new heartthrob. The title of the story, which this time will be dramatic and not comical , is Evim.

The fans of Early Bird will find it hard to imagine Demet with another man other than Can Yaman, with whom she has formed a beautiful and special couple involved in chemistry during the months that the funny comedy has lasted and, apparently - although not It is confirmed - also in real life. Ibrahim and Birce also transmitted a special bond in the Love series  black and white Love, but perhaps not in such an intense and magical way as Can and Demet. We will have to wait for the connection on the screen between Demet and Ibrahim with this new love story.

The story of two girls

For several weeks it has been speculated that Demet will embark on this OGMeya production, written by Eylem Canpolat, directed by ÇağrıBayrak and which will broadcast TV8. Apparently the popular actress studied the script very well before deciding to accept this offer, which came just after finishing Erkenci Kus, since it was very clear that she did not want to repeat a comedy role but embark on something eminently dramatic. And the role of Zeynep is what would have finally made her decide.

Meanwhile, as some Turkish media have published, Ibrahim would have rejected a co-starring character in the Zemheri series to star Evim.

Zeynep's is the adventure of a 27-year-old girl who lives in Adana with her mother and sister and works in the morning and at night to give a good life to her family. But, in addition, she has a relationship with someone surrounded by dangers and who is also a non-pleasant person in his neighborhood.
 Nalan's story, written by Ali Aydin, would already be looking for cast as well.

It seems that the shootings will soon begin and that the series will be broadcast on Netflix, hence it has few chapters. Thus, after breaking the magical spell between Can and Sanem at the end of Erkenci Kus, each one already navigates by his side. While Demet embarks on this new series, Can will present on October 16 a new series in Cannes, in the Mipcom television series market, together with producer Faruk Turgut, as both have confirmed.

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