The handsome protagonist of Early Bird, Can Yaman attended the Spanish microphones in the framework of the Mipcom 2019 Festival of television projects, in France.

Can Yaman mipcom 2019 cannes

The phenomenon of Can Yaman and Turkish soap operas around Europe continues. The attractive protagonist of Early Bird again caused a furor this time during his visit to Cannes (France), to where he traveled to participate in the 2019 Mipcom festival, international meeting of television projects, together with producer Faruk Turgut. This visit to France is one more of the European tour that the Turkish actor started in summer, traveling to Italy, and later, in September, to Greece and again to Rome. The next destination could be Spain in November.

Yaman was once again the center of attention in Cannes, as it was in his previous stops. Fans crowded around him and kept photographing him and asking for autographs, something that the actor cordially accepts and tries to be as receptive as possible. This was made known to the Spanish reporters, who managed to interview him for the first time for Spain during his stay in the gala city:

"It's crazy, in Turkey you can't believe the phenomenon that has been generated in Europe. I'm still trying to digest it, but I'm trying to do a good job, I take pictures with everyone. I don't want to break anyone's heart. That's why I dedicate my time, about three hours a day to take pictures with everyone. And it is becoming something fun for me too, because I listen to them, I know them, I talk to them, I hear what they want to tell me and they become almost my friends . It's really gratifying for me. I spend three hours a day taking pictures with my fans"

"I want to go to Spain"

Throughout the interview, Can said that it is in his plans to travel to Spain soon: "I would love to visit Spain soon, I want to go and I am trying to manage it. I know they love me there and I love them all. I am talking to my representatives and agencies to fix it and, as it has to be something professional, I'm waiting for this invitation from Spain. If everything is fixed, I'll go. " He added that: "I was in Barcelona six years ago, walking through Las Ramblas and other places in the city with my family for four days. But I don't know anything else."

The actor also explained how he prepared his character for Erkenci Kus: "For six months I was letting my beard and my hair grow, kickboxing, crossfit ... and when I met Demet the character was more profiled, because she has a capacity to improvising that encouraged me to do it too. It was a team work and if it had not been Demet my partner surely my character would have been different. "

As for future projects, he commented that he is reading many scripts and proposals with his producer, but that: "for the moment there is nothing defined because first I have to do military service, which is mandatory in Turkey, so in January I will be absent."

Haircut for military service
Thus, he confirmed that he will have to cut his hair for the military and that it is not a problem: "It will be a good time to change style, I want to do it and also to create a new character with that new style that is as good as the previous ones ".

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