The protagonist of Erkenci Kus, Can Yaman, traveled to Athens and will soon also go to France, specifically to Cannes. In November, he could visit Spain.

The admired Turkish actor Can Yaman, protagonist of Early Bird and Dolunay, has once again caused a mass bath, this time during a visit to Greece. He already did it in Italy this summer, where he was on vacation, and it has happened again now, as he passes through Athens. In the Greek capital, he has taken the opportunity to do tourism, attend some interviews and attend an event as a guest.

Since his arrival at the airport, where dozens of fans were waiting to greet him and take pictures with him, Can Yaman has had a retinue of admirers and some admirers around him in each of the steps he has taken. The handsome photographer of Erkenci Kus and conqueror of the also beautiful Sanem (Demet Özdemir) stayed two days in Athens, from September 22 to 24, and between commitment and commitment he visited some tourist places of the city, such as the Parthenon.

At all times Can was attentive and very polite with all his admirers, journalists and people who approached him to greet him. The only "stumble" of the trip was a commented gesture of his, raising the sunglasses with the middle finger of his right hand, which was taken out of context by a media outlet, to joke about whether that tic was actually an insulting sign . The publication gave a lot to talk about and Can himself wrote in his networks: "You really must be crazy to think that I am doing this with bad intentions!"

Even a Greek photographer who covered those days Yaman's visit to his media outlet, came out in defense of the actor saying: "With respect and kindness Can Yaman has been talking to everyone, without objection or being snobbish. All the photographers realized that he had a mechanical gesture to put on his glasses. However, a 'colleague' wanted to take advantage of that by throwing fake news and abusing the personality of a person who never made the slightest hint. A shame. " .

Next visit to Spain?
The Turkish portal Gecce announced a few days ago that, after passing through Greece, the next destination of the actor would be Rome, on October 11, where he would be invited to a Hello magazine party. And then on 15, he would travel to France, specifically to Cannes to attend an event with producer Faruk Turgut, owner of Gold Film, within the Mipcom festival, a meeting of television projects. Then, in November, his next stop would be Spain, to end his tour in December in Latin America and start his military service in January.

For now, Targut has confirmed Can's presence in France next October: "Our trip to Cannes will be to promote a new series that I will do with Can." The same actor has shared in his social network: "I am currently working with producer Faruk Turgut. He is my spiritual father. Now he is thinking of a quality series that will be sold abroad."

So Can Yaman will soon be in another television production .

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