In line with the turkish Takvim newspaper, a crisis is developing among Tuba Buyukyustyun and her lover Umut Evirgen. Month ago, Umut broke the nostril to one of the customers and fled to Paris, in which he's presently in the new condo that Tuba acquired.

But, the actress herself is extremely unhappy that her name is continuously dragged into some scandals and showdowns. She admits that the conduct of her lover significantly damaged her . Moreover, no longer handiest she suffers, however also her girls. Tuba determined to revise the PR method and critically work with the media, which mainly publishes her name in sections of the scandalous chronicle. Apparently, she decided to give up her relationship with her lover.

In flip, the father of Umut Evirgen, irritated with the conduct of his son, positioned up for sale institutions ‘Gizli Kalsın’ and ‘La Boom’. The cost of both places is sixteen million Turkish liras.

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