The turkish actor Can Yaman was met in Italy as a real king. But, the Turks reacted to his repute  outdoor the hometown with skepticism. So what induced a brand new scandal with the famous protagonist of the series Early Bird?

Takvim columnist Ufuk Ozcan stated that the entire story of the quite popular Can Yaman in Italy turned into not anything extra than a production. We remind you that more than one weeks ago at some stage in the actor’s visit, a big crowd of lovers got There to his hotel, demonstrating the Italians love for the Turkish actor.

However,  Mr. Ufuk, who spoke with a famous PR manager, this is not tough to organize. First, the corporation creates a spine of fifty those who acquire a reward for his or her work. Then they spread the message a number of the fanatics of the actor. The rewarded members begin to make noise, attracting the attention of onlookers and developing a crowd of numerous hundred humans.

Remember that recently in one of the polls at the famous internet site, Can Yaman was selected as the best actor in the world. But, Mr. Ufuk (as well as many compatriots of the actor) strongly doubts the objectivity of this poll, saying that Can still has loads to do to truely show his popularity without resorting to such hints. Within the intervening time, his  popularity rests on romantic comedies and an lively supervisor and is not likely to ultimate lengthy.

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