The Turkish actor Serhat Teoman, is now a father in Çocuk (Child) with Ceyda Ates.

 The Turkish  StarTv started the broadcast of the new Çocuk (Child) series, which is headed by the actor Serhat Teoman. On this occasion, Serhat Teoman puts himself in the shoes of Ali Kemal, son of a wealthy family and heir to his successful businesses, married and father of two children. His wife, Sule, is played by Ceyda Ateş.

The story is a drama with mystery dyes, which hides a secret around the eldest son of Ali Kemal and his wife. After the truth of the origin of the child, there is a hidden agreement for years between the mother of the businessman and Sule.

This is the first leading role for Serhat Teoman. At 36, he has more than 15 novels on his resume and is also a singer.

He has a production company, Get Productions, which he created in 2012 with Bugra Gulsoy (Kuzey Güney and Fatmagül), and Emre Erkan, with whom they have embarked on theater and film projects. His first feature film Neighborhood 36 was written and directed by him along with Bugra Gulsoy, and premiered worldwide at the 36th Istanbul Film Festival-Golden Tulip National.

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