The protagonist of Çarpışma, Kivanç Tatlitug, has completed his summer vacation and has embarked on a fashion campaign with the Mavi denim brand.

kivaç tatlitug mavi image

After his boat vacation with his wife, the successful Turkish actor Kivanç Tatlitug, who a few months ago finished the recordings of his latest series Çarpışma, has decided to stop while a project that interests him in television or cinema emerges and has embarked in an advertising campaign. It is not the first time that the famous actor becomes the image of the Mavi denim clothing firm, for which Serenay Sarikaya (Medcezir) also regularly poses.

Tatlitug took the stage to dedicate some words to the public, after displaying the images of the campaign of which he is the protagonist. In previous years, Kivanç had already been the image of this brand, very established in Turkey, and that has as its faithful faces that of the actor and also that of the popular Serenay Sarikaya. The actor and his wife enjoyed the party organized to present the campaign with their friends

Combine fashion with acting

Tatlitug has not stopped working starring one series after another on television, since 2005 when he was called while he was consolidating his modeling career in Paris to return to his country and lead the cast of Gümüş until 2018 when he started recording Çarpışma, which They lasted until 2019. For this reason, he has now preferred to take a break and return to advertising that he has never abandoned at all and where he has won great awards such as Best Model of Turkey and Best Model of the World.

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