Can Yaman has sent a message to Greek fans! After the Full Moon series, Can Yaman, who had great success with Early Bird, made plans to meet with his fans abroad after his interest in Italy.

Can Yaman shared his video, announced on 22-24 September, in Greece, from his instagram account.

Famous actor, who went to Greece's capital, Athens, will participate in a talk show program. Then he will attend the 200-person party given for him at Hilton Hotel.

Here is Can Yaman's English message to Greek fans:

Greece 🙏🏻

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Can Yaman's other travel plans are:

October 11 Friday
A talk show in Rome, Italy. Then the party will take place. He's doing cover shoot for Hello magazine.

October 15, Tuesday
Producer Faruk Turgut will attend the night organized for him in Cannes.

November 1, Tuesday
He will go on a one-week tour of Spain and participate in the TV world invitations.

December 2, Monday
The Full Moon and Early Bird will be on the tour of South and North America, where most are watched.

January 2020
He will complete his military service for 21 days. On the way back,  he will play the leading role of Faruk Turgut  film  Birol Güven

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