The popular actor, Can Yaman, has traveled to Greece and, on that tour, a visit to Spain could be included in November.

After his first stopover this summer in Italy, where he was all the rage among his Italian fans, Can Yaman is now preparing a tour of different countries in Europe, according to the Turkish portal Gecce. It would be a visit for which the actor would not charge money and has started in Greece, where he arrived on Sunday, September 22. It would continue through Italy, France and Spain, ending in Latin America.

At the moment the only confirmed visit is that of Athens, where he has been for two days. There he has participated in a talk and then attended a party with another 200 people at the Hilton hotel. Next, the information website mentions other possible dates and destinations. Spain would be scheduled for November 1 and the actor would attend several television programs during that visit. However, this data is not yet confirmed.

CanYaman via instagram:

We arrived at Greece unharmed, thank you very much for this warm welcome at the airport­čÖĆ­čĆ╗­čĺź­čž┐ Greece

Also unconfirmed is a possible passage through Rome on October 11, where he would be invited to a Hello magazine party. Later, on the 15th of the same month he would attend an event organized for him in Cannes (France) with producer Faruk Turgut, within the Mipcom festival, a meeting of television projects.

After Spain, Latin America
Next would be his arrival in Spain and for the month of December a tour of Latin America would be planned to promote his two most popular series, Early Bird and Dolunay. If this entire calendar is fulfilled, Can Yaman would be the first of the Turkish stars that embark on a world tour , something that undoubtedly all their fans are waiting impatiently.

The Turkish information portal also anticipates that this would be a tour that would take place just before Can began his 21-day military service in January, an obligation that other actors in his country, such as Aras Bulut Iynemli, are already fulfilling, and that he He would have delayed himself not to interrupt his professional occupations.

On the other hand, also talks about the supposed idyll between Can Yaman and his beloved in Erkenci Kus, Demet ├ľzdemir, and says that the couple would have confessed to having been in love for two years and having returned to the relationship in secret.

But Can could have left another girlfriend during her trip to Naples. "My name has been related to someone, what are we going to do," he replied a few days ago in Istanbul when reporters asked him about the Italian who had stated in a magazine: "We met on vacation, we had a great time."

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