Tims & b production of "Show Tv" screen was about to start shooting, but the information was canceled, shake social media.

 During the filming, the two companies, which discussed financially, canceled the series. Social media was informed about the cancellation of the series. Thousands of comments came under this information. It was a matter of wonder why two big companies could not agree. It was told there was financial trouble. But it is debated whether this is due to the money was given to the players or the day of publication. Tims & b, which had signed with "Show TV", had accelerated the work for the staff and even the shooting would almost start. According to news received today, the series was canceled.

It was announced that the cancellation of the series was due to financial problems. "Show TV" did not accept the amount given for the series. The company did not find the budget recommended by Show TV and there was a dispute between them. Therefore, the series was canceled.


In the new season of the canceled series would begin the 3rd week of September. The series, which is expected to attract great attention with its cast and screenplay, was canceled. The show is thought to be shot on another channel.
If the series is switched to a different channel and starts to withdraw again, it may start running after September.

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