Hercai series, which appeared on the screen as 12 episodes last season, had great success.

Akın Akınözü, who brought Miran to life, and Ebru Şahin, who played Reyyan, were appreciated for their successful performances. Both players had become the most talked about  in the last season.

 The team of Hercai series met in Mardin Midyat  for the second season . Players started to work on the set.

The second season beganwith  the excitement of the video came from Akin Akınözü and Ebru Sahin.

Two famous players on atv social media accounts called fans of the series Hercai. Sympathetic attention to the duo, announced that they started shooting.

Ebru Şahin said, “We started. We look forward to meet you. ”

Akın Akınözü said, “Hercai continues with its excitement in the new season. Stay tuned..

The season 2 will not be announced when the season will begin yet, but it is likely to meet  the audience in the middle of September, as it is used too.

Are you ready?
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