The Erkenci Kus series finished filming in Turkey and the protagonist, Can Yaman, dedicated some beautiful words on Instagram to his partner, Demet Özdemir.

 The last scenes of Erkenci Kus were broadcast on August 6 and two days later, the protagonist Can Yaman (Can Divit), dedicated on his Instagram account a long and emotional farewell message, with some romantic and very special words addressed to his partner and couple, Demet Özdemir (Sanem Aydin), next to a beautiful photo of the two. The actress responded in turn in a more romantic way if possible.

"My partner has been amazing, we have had great chemistry for the future, we have acted selflessly in each scene and we have increased everyone's energy on the set thanks to their aura and humor. Thank you very much Demet Özdemir." These were the words that Can Yaman wrote before proceeding to thank all the members of the team, including the director, the producers, the stylist, the cinematographer and the head of lights, among others, and say goodbye with a " I am very proud to have so many people of different cultures and ages, I love them all; don't leave us alone. "

Minutes later it was Demet who responded directly to Can's words: "We were very good together Can Yaman. It was a great opportunity to act face to face. Thank you very much for everything you are. You make the road shine. I have no doubt that the best job will be yours. "

Social networks have not stopped echoing each movement of the series and its protagonists and the reactions of the followers of this romantic love story. The production recorded some images of the last day of filming where you could see the protagonists and the rest of the team saying goodbye after months of joint work. Also, a few days before Demet could be seen with tears in his eyes letting out her sadness at the end that was coming soon.

But the revolution was caused by the last chapter that was issued on August 6 . That day Twitter was not talking about anything else. Fans could not contain the great attraction they have felt for Can Yaman and, at the same time, for his love story with the young and friendly Turkish actress. "It's going to be years to see a chemistry and complicity so big and so real between two actors who star in a series", "there are souls that are like magnets and are destined to meet, regardless of time or distance", "The true love story never has an end" or "they are the purest, unconditional, sincere and perfect that I have ever seen" were some comments.

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