Last week, producer Mehmet Bozdağ officially released his new film "Turks Coming: Sword of Justice / Türkler Geliyor: Adaletin Kılıcı," which he will produce with his work in the TV series Resurrection Osman.

As it became known, at first the proposal for acting in the film was presented to the actor  Can Yaman, because he was busy filming Early Bird, the proposal had to be rejected. As a result, Emre Kıvılcım got the role, co-starring actress Ece Çeşmioğlu. The most annoying thing for Can Yaman is that as soon as Emre agreed  the role, information came about the cancellation of the Early Bird series. So Can has lost his work in the series and the movie.

Can's popularity began with the series "Early Bird," and he became popular among the girls because of his style of clothing, hairstyle and delicacy, which is popular among young people, and was followed by a love affair with his colleague in the series Demet Ozdemir.

Recall, Can will join the military service at the beginning of next year, and will serve only 28 days, after paying the amount of 15 thousand TL to reduce the period instead of a year

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