Fahriye Evcen was criticized for not being able to get rid of birth weight ,Neslihan Atagül “These are normal things. There is no need to go so far on people ” she was supporting her.

Fahriye Evcen, Burak Özçivit and their son Karan had a short holiday on Bayram. On the return of the couple displayed at the airport, it was seen that Evcen did not lose the birth weight that she gained.

Thereupon,  group of  social media criticized the beautiful player  for her weight. Following these criticisms, a campaign on social media was launched on behalf of Fahriye Evcen and messages of support for the player had come down.
Neslihan Atagül was viewed the previous day also came to support Fahriye Evcen. Responding to criticism, Atagül said, “This is life. These are normal things. There is no need to go so far on people. ”

Stating that she had a nice holiday period, Atagül said, “Our enjoyment is fine. So we climb the tree from time to time. We're picking fruit. Good. ”

"Engin Akyürek will be in front of the camera in the series of Sefirin Kızı with you. "

"We are excited. I don't say anything about the details of the project, but it will be nice".

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