The actor Kaan Yildirim was seen in Bodrum a few days ago with Demet. Photos were taken and  interpreted as new lovers . After the press talked about ,Kaan hurried to Istanbul.

Yildirim met with his close friend Seckin Ozdemir who had a relationship with Demet Ozdemir the previous day in Fulya..

Kaan Yildirim and Seckin Ozdemir, who made breakfast in a place, made a situation assessment on recent news. They  left the place when they realized that they were displayed. Yildirim, on the question of love allegations , he said  “I have already made the necessary explanation. You're making this news. There is no love. ”

Kaan Yildirim,is allegedly trying to reconcile the ex lovers.

Recall ,Demet Özdemir and Seçkin Özdemir started to have love last year, but their relationship lasted only a few months. Later, Demet Özdemir's name was mentioned with Can Yaman, in which she starred the series “Early Bird”.However, both sides did not make a statement about the relationship.

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