RH Positive Management Company has violated the contract and waived the 10 thousand pounds lawsuit filed by Hande Erçel for allegedly not paying the management fee. The court decided to dismiss the case because of the waiver.

Contract crisis

RH Positive Management Company  filed a lawsuit against Hande Erçel 6 months ago. The company filed a petition with the court claiming that the contract with Erçel continued until 17 April 2021, but she started to work with another agency even though the contract continued. 10 thousand pounds for the violation of the contract due to the penalty and they want the collection of the penalty.

They waived

In response, Hande Erçel's lawyer said: “The company in question handled Erecel's career poorly. They tied her up in a long time. Hande Erçel terminated the agreement verbally on 1 March 2018. The contract between the parties is a ‘clamp contract’. At the last hearing of the case last month, the court stated that the plaintiff had waived the case of RH Positive Management Company . The court decided to reject the case due to waiver.

(Hürriyet-Özge Eğrikar)

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