The first move came from Miray Daner, who decided to end her 2.5-year relationship with Kubilay Aka.

Kubilay Aka had announced that they had decided to end their 2.5-year relationship with Miray Daner with his share on Instagram the day before.
“Goodbye My Mirosh, my blue, my peace, everything. You will always be very special and I will always be your supporter. ”

Shortly after this statement, Turkish media announced that Kubilay Aka who left Miray Daner  was with actress Hilal Altınbilek in the evening,  had fun in a place Emirgan.This news  dropped like a bomb on the agenda of the turkish magazine.

Is Kubilay Aka, who left Miray Daner, in love with Hilal Altınbilek?

First move from Miray Daner!

Miray Daner remained silent while all this was happening. The first move from the player came today. After the separation, Miray Daner removed all photos of Kubilay Aka from her social media account.

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