Everybody leaves  Ring series! What is Hande Erçel's status?

Hande Erçel and Murat Dalkılıç, who appeared at Buray concert in Harbiye Open Air, answered the questions of reporters.

In the video published on Uçankuş TV, Erçel gave important messages.

The player who appeared on TRT1 screen with the ring series last season, is curiously expected to do in the new season because the series will be displayed in 2020 with a new concept.

Erçel, “The ring series is not over. It will continue in 2020 but my situation is not clear yet, there is nothing definite ”.

Today Sina Kologlu wrote a detailed article about the fate of the project. The series could be on display in January 2020 for a new concept and story in 3-4 different languages, with 45-60 minutes on the screen.

It is said that  that there were other projects you have read!!!

"There are other projects have not yet finalized

When asked whether they would be involved in an advertisement or another project together, Murat Dalkılıç said, “Why not, we did not think so yet. We'il think about it. We never thought about it..

 When they were asked asked about their situation “Everything is good, everything has a time. There's no such thing right now. We are working, we are at work, we are at our strength ”, said Hande Erçel, and stated that there is no changing situation about marriage.

You can watch the interview from the video:

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