Famous actress Hilal Altınbilek has played a leading role in the separation of Miray Daner and Kubilay Aka.

It is  claimed that Miray Daner  put an end to her relationship with Kubilay Aka after learning that  Kubilay Aka and Hilal Altınbilek were displayed in a nightclub

Hilal Altınbilek, the Züleyha of the Çukurova series, who had never talked about it until today, was caught shopping for Uçankuş TV.

Hilal Altinbilek, who spoke with a smile at the beginning during the shopping, was stressed over the questions of Miray Daner - Kubilay Aka.

The actress, who was certainly in anger, said, " “So much has been said about this, that I have nothing to say”

However, reporters did not lag behind Hilal and asked.
 “Did your relationship with Kubilay Aka start when he was still in a relationship with  Miray Daner ?”.
 “Will you still ask such questions ?? there is nothing of the kind ... ”- Hilal Altınbilek answered quite angry .

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