Cruel Istanbul had succeeded on a challenging evening on Monday  on the Kanal D screen last season.

Made by Avşar Film's production, Zalim Istanbul series included important names such as Fikret Kuşkan, Deniz Ugur, Mine Tugay, Ozan Dolunay, Simay Barlas.

The story, filming and cast selection of the series were  important elements of success.

Zalim Istanbul made a quick start in the first season and  gave signs that it would be successful in the second season.

Work on the set had begun recently.. New episodes of this series are scheduled for September.

The new details that will draw attention in the second season will be the return to the starting point in the story that started in Antakya and extends to Istanbul.

Curious about how the story will turn out and how the results of this story will affect the course of the series

The second season of the series, which is also being broadcast abroad, is expected with great enthusiasm.

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