Burak Özçivit entered intensive care for the series Diriliş Osman, which will begin on Atv screens. The handsome actor, like 007 James Bond , Daniel Craig, is also protein-fed and strengthens his muscles with bone water.

Burak Özçivit, who will be in front of his fans at the ATV with the series ‘Resurrection Osman  in the new season, went into intensive care.
Özçivit, prepared for a year with special instructors, received sword training, horse riding and fitness training for 5 hours a day,and 6 days a week. The 35-year-old actor was specially created for the role, like Daniel Craig, who played 007 James Bond. Ozcivit, preparing for heavy training accompanied by diets such as Craig radically changed the diet layout.

Burak Özçivit, who works with weights to increase muscle mass; pulled out pasta and dessert. The protein-fed player consumes 3 egg whites and 1 slice of whole wheat bread for breakfast.

In the meantime, eating yogurt, fruit and nuts Özçivit, red meat and fish is not missing from the table. The player strengthens his muscles by drinking bone water.

Spending 6 days a week on the set, Burak Özçivit can only loves his son Karan,who he has embraced in April.

Özçivit also rejects millions of dollars of advertising offers coming from abroad due to the intense shooting of the series.

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