According to Takvim paper ,on the night of August 12, the owner of the famous restaurant, Tuba Buyukuyiston's lover, Umut Evirgen, clashed with Akin Factoring's heir, Ali Akin,  in his club. The men quarreled over the dinner bill presented to Mr. Akin. As a result, Ali's nose broken. The victim was taken to hospital where he received medical assistance.
 The case was opened in criminal cases and an arrest warrant was issued against Mr. Evirgen, who packed his bags and took the first plane to Paris. If he returns to Turkey, he will be tried.

This is not the first criminal case of Turkish businessman Umut Evergen. He had spent several months in the pre-trial detention center for assaulting a journalist in Hurriyet, who was trying to take pictures of him with Tuba. The last time his sentence was overturned, while Mr. Evirgen risked fifteen years in prison. Bought the silence of the victim who withdrew his statements. This time, however, the situation looks worse: there are surveillance cameras, a broken nose, and most importantly, a rich farm owner is unlikely to be bought as a journalist.

Tuba's reaction to the incident is not yet known, but the newspaper Takvim says she no longer wants to communicate with her ex ,who runs away from Turkey. He is one of the most wanted criminals in Turkey.

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