Speaking to the 2nd Page program broadcasted on Kanal D screens, Bergüzar Korel answered the curious questions.

37-year-old Korel, who claims that they will not learn the sex of her baby until the moment of birth, does not reflect the truth:
We are at the very beginning of the road with a nice feeling. I hope it will be beautiful and healthy, like all mothers, this is my wish.

Our baby's health is enough

We have a son, and I'd like to taste the girl. There is no such thing as not having to learn gender, I have my first time as every woman does not have a privileged situation 'he said.

I'm going to give birth in Turkey

After nine years, he was worried that he would become a mother again, but he added that the process went healthily. Nine years later, people are a little worried, all I wish is healthy. I want to give birth in Turkey. We didn't hide it from Ali, but after learning that his health and everything went well, we shared it with him for his psychology. ”

Korel also stated that she would be on stage as long as she could:

"I don't think I'm going to do a series for a long time, but I'm going to continue as much as I can in the theater. "


Yesterday, at the age of 37, Bergüzar Korel made an emotional touch on her social media account. Sharing her romantic photo taken with her husband, Halit Ergenç Korel underneath: "What storms breaks in me, no one knows you know ... God did not let you leave us."

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