Kerem and Ayşe are stuck to the feelings they felt for a moment when they kissed. While Kerem tries to get Ayşe to forgive him; Ayşe continues to remind herself of the reason for her marriage in the first place.
In order to pass this marriage game without any harm, Ayşe prepares a list of rules for herself. The first rule is for her to start taking private math lessons.
Ayşe finds herself a math teacher, but math teacher charisma makes Kerem upset. Kerem who works works hard to deal with everything on the list of  Ayşe's rules, however he is
stuck with the fourth rulings as it is written in some sort of code that he cannot figure out.

Will Kerem be able to figure out what number 4 is on Ayşe’s list?

New Episode will be aired on  Wednesday 21 August @ 20:00 on KanalD

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