Where will the Pigeon/Güvercin series be seen on the Star TV screens in the new season?It was a question of where to be shot the series, which would draw attention with its historical texture. Here's where the curiosity of the series ...

Star TV which makes a colorful entrance to the new season is marked by its new series. A new series has been added to all beautiful series. The series, Pigeon/Güvercin, will mark the 2019-2020 season.

Star TV's new series Güvercin’is produced by Pastel Film. Directed by Altan Dönmez, Halil Özer and his team wrote the script. Taking advantage of the unique beauties of Turkey in the series set.
 The series, where visuality and historical weather are at the forefront, is shot in Gaziantep. The series, which is shot in the famous city of Gaziantep, will be in the style of Hercai.

Pigeon Series Players

 There is no precise information about the players of the series yet.

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