When will Early Bird make the final? Early Bird Final date was announced!

Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir shared the leading roles of the Early Bird series . Early Bird lovers wonder when Early Bird will do the final.
Early Bird, which started in the summer of 2018 and made a name for itself with the ratings it received, had a fall in the ratings this season. On top of that, it was wondered what would happen to the series. As a matter of fact, in the light of the information, it became clear that the script was completed until the final part of the series and when the last part was published.

 After the show became increasingly shallow and could not be concluded, the audience began to criticize it.
 The series will be stocked until Can Yaman goes on duty. With the end of 2019, he will say goodbye to the screens. The fate of Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir, whose contracts are ongoing with Gold Film, is also curious. Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir, who portrayed a good duo portrait on the screens, could play the leading roles in a new production. However, for this, Can Yaman must complete his military service…

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