What is the plot of   Phoenix series? Who are the players?

Zümrüdü Anka, which was prepared to be broadcast on Kanal D screens, has already managed to attract the attention of the audience. Here are the details about the series…

Preparations for the Zümrüdü Anka series presented by Pastel Film are underway. Channel D screens to be broadcast on, the decision of the series is specified as the director of the Phoenix Cemal San. The script is written by Can Sinan.

As the name implies, the story of a man who tries to be born from his ashes will be told in the Phoenix series. The series, which will tell the story of a man who has lost everything he holds in his life, is holding back to life, has already won the admiration of the audience. The series will be filming in Cappadocia and other places are still underway.

Phoenix Cast

Pastel Film is working on a different project besides this project. Cemal Şan and screenwriter Can Sinan are working on the cast for Zümrüdü Anka. They are also carrying out these dual space researches. Another series presented by Pastel Film, Pigeon, is preparing to meet its viewers on Star TV screens. He has already signed with Altan Dönmez as the director for the series Pigeon. It was learned that the script was written by Halil Özer while the series would be shot in Antep…

There is no information yet about the players to play in the series. We closely follow the developments in the series. As new information arrives, information will be provided on our website.

What does the Phoenix mean?
It is known as the bird that emerged in Persian mythology and later tried to be reached in the stories and legends in the east. Simurg, Anka, Homa, Ruk and Turkish legends are known as Tugrul and Zümrüdü Anka. This bird, which is flying so high that the human eye cannot see it, is told in the legends behind the Kaf Mountain. Some legends say that he lived 500 years and some of them were immortal. Rumor has it that he lives in the branches of the tree of knowledge and answers all the questions of other birds.

The Story of the Phoenix

Rumor has it that one day the Phoenix Phoenix vanished among the branches of the tree of knowledge and answered all the birds' questions. Birds who were informed that the Kaf Mountain was behind them had to cross 7 bottomless valleys to reach it. These valleys were Self, Love, Ignorance, Faith, Loneliness, gossip and self. Birds passed through these valleys one by one, many lost themselves on the way, and many returned before they reached. However, only 30 of them managed to reach the Phoenix Phoenix behind the Kaf Mountain.

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