What day will the Resurrection Osman Atv be published?

 Why did it go to the ATV?

 As we know, the resurrection Ertuğrul became a resurrection Osman. Now the series of the Resurrection Osman changed the channel.
 Producer Mehmet Bozdağ announced that his new channel is ATV. audience are wondering why the show changes channel and on what day it will be broadcast.

For 5 seasons ,Resurrection Ertuğrul series has met with the audience on TRT1 TV and played the leading role by Engin Altan Düzyatan but  now it will  take the subject of Osman Gazi's life. The new name of the series now called the Resurrection Osman which is going to change the channel too.

Why did The producer of the series, Mehmet Bozdağ make such a decision? What day will the series be broadcast on ATV?

The first season of the series which will be broadcasted under the name of the Resurrection Osman Ertugrul Gazi's old age because of the dispute with Burak Özçivit , Engin Altan Duzyatan had caused some controversy.
Now the channel change has brought new discussions.

First, let's look at the description of Mehmet Bozdağ. Bozdağ's official Twitter account: "Our resurrection series will be on  ATV this season as Diriliş Osman. I wish that our new channel and new season will be a means for good.." He explained that the series will be displayed on ATV.

Why did the Dirliş series, which has been on the TRT1 screen since its launch, switched to the ATV screen?
In recent seasons TRT1' Resurrection Ertuğrul series was published on Wednesdays, while ATV's "You Tell black sea series was broadcasting.If the Resurrection series is published again on Wednesday, when will You Tell  Black Sea?

Has the day of  resurrection of Osman series been announced?

"You Tell Black Sea" is broadcasting on ATV screens on Wednesdays. Moreover, from the first episode of this series Diriliş Ertuğrulu had left behind in the ratings. But recently his ratings have dropped and the audience has lost. If ATV series changes  the day, interest in the series may decrease.
 However, the same situation may also apply to Diriliş Osman. Therefore, it will be of great interest to us which series will change the day.

Followers Comments Made After Mehmet Bozdağ's Statement

 Mehmet Bozdağ's Statement  followed by comments  of strict followers .and many viewers were not satisfied.
 The question on which day the resurrection Osman will be published is the general commentary. The audience also commented, “Why ATV we want TRT1”, “We are curiously waiting”, “Why not TRT”.
Despite the support of TRT to the series ,the channel was  changed .It is among the most confused questions .

 We look forward to the answers to these questions.

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