Fenerbahce footballer Alper Potuk about 2 weeks ago, left the turkish actress Tuvana Turkay.It  is said Tuvana Turkay  overcame the pain quickly. Türkay is among the alleged rumors that she has found  a new love.

Player Tuvana Turkay and Fenerbahce footballer Alper Potuk, who had been in love for 3 years, had left 2 weeks ago. Turkay told a friend, "I made a mistake forgiving Alper. He cheated on me again. I don't even want to see his face anymore."

Tuvana Türkay forgot the pain of love quickly began to live in love with the series player Tolga Mendi ,was claimed. '

Tolga Mendil made a name for himself with the series New Bride/yeni gelin .Tuvana Türkay,and Tolga Mendil were met by  common friends.

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