Zeynep Mayruk ,who is living in Izmir with the handsome actor Tolga Saritas ,known to be in love with him , shared on her social media account a photo with him as a declaration of their love.

For a period of time, the couple kept the matter secret and left the questions of the relationship unanswered. Nowadays, the love of Tolga Sarıtaş and fashion designer Zeynep Mayruk is known by everyone.

Tolga Sarıtaş, who was displayed with Zeynep Mayruk while in the car in the last months, had been on the agenda by violating the traffic rules in order to prevent the reporters from taking photos. At that time, the pair left unanswered the questions of love, no longer flee from the journalists
. Handsome actor who wants to live relationship away from the eyes  , his photo with his lover over the past week broke the rule by sharing on his social media account.

Famous actor Tolga Saritas and fashion designer Zeynep Mayruk in front of the journalists began to draw attention with comfortable attitudes. New couple on holiday in Bodrum, went to Kenan Doğulu concert. The couple, as they entered the concert, posed happily to journalists, proving that they do not escape from them anymore.

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