Özgü Kaya  who plays in the series"Nobody knows"  has such a voice that you will be amazed!

Keremcem and Özgü Kaya, who played Ali and Sevda in the new series of Atv, which attracted great attention, were greatly appreciated by the audience.

One of the reasons behind the harmony of the duo who played for the first time in a series is music!

In addition to acting, Özgü Kaya is also studying at the conservatory.

The young actress had made a name for herself with the name Legend. Özgü Kaya, who was very successful in her first leading role, also appeared to have a beautiful voice.

The young actress gave an interview to the" Dizi TV", saying that the success of the series was connected to the energy between the players and the team. “Because we are a very nice, smooth and very harmonious team. My partner and other players are likewise. ”She does not neglect to refer to Keremcem.

Özgü Kaya, who is seen to have a good harmony with Keremcem, also draws attention with her mimics and sympathetic states in the series.

Özgü Kaya and Keremcem have one thing in common!

The actress says that she started to get very good reactions from people on the street and everyone heard words like, " I love you very much, when you will open up to Ali “.

Meanwhile, they have something in common with Keremcem. Özgü Kaya continues to study at the conservatory. Emphasizing that being closely associated with music is effective in their harmony with Keremcem, Kaya said, ”We have also been very numb as chemistry, but whether we mumble or sing between the scenes, they have brought us closer together, leading us to a better agreement.

At the end of the interview, Özgü Kaya and Keremcem are doing a duet together.

When Özgü Kaya says that she loves Keremcem's Kadife Kelgeç song, they read this song together.

Keremcem cannot pass without emphasizing the beauty of Özgü Kaya's voice. With this interview, it turns out that Kaya has such a beautiful voice.

You can watch the whole interview from the video below…

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