Özcan Deniz and Feyza Aktan, who finished marriage in one session, hand in hand in Bodrum!

The famous singer Özcan Deniz and Feyza Aktan, who decided to finish their marriage and divorced in a single session about 3 weeks ago, were hand-in-hand in Bodrum.

Actor and singer Özcan Deniz has been at the wedding table on March 8, 2018 with Feyza Aktan, whom she has been with since 2016. The couple then decided to leave and applied to the court about 3 weeks ago and they divorced in a single session.

 The couple had also requested joint custody of their chil, "Kuzey." After all these developments, a new development took place on the front of Özcan Deniz and Feyza Aktan. This development, which surprised everyone, was to have the couple appearing hand in hand in Bodrum-Yalikavak.

Özcan Deniz and Feyza Aktan, who completed their 15-month marriage in a single session at Çağlayan Courthouse on June 26, did not give any explanation for these images yet.

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