Will Ali learn the truth?

 When Sevda learns that it was her father who murdered Ali’s son, her entire world falls apart. On one side is the man that she loves, and on the other is her father.
When Sevda confronts her father about this, the thought that Sevda may explain all of this to Ali petrifies both Köksal and Hayriye.

Sevda’s only solution is to run away. However she is totally unaware of the danger that awaits for  her. Meanwhile Pilot’s interest in Duygu continues to grow with each passing day, and in order to be closer to Duygu he wants to establish a business in the neighborhood.
But during this time a totally unexpected event happens.

Will Duygu’s feelings for Pilot change when she realizes what he has done for her?
 After everything that he has been through, Ali holds Uygar responsible, and he makes the decision to bring closure once and for all.
 Does this mean the end for Uygar?
 As for Sevda; she realizes that she cannot live with Ali, so she makes the decision to burn all of her bridges and explain the entire truth to Ali.

 Tuesday 9 July @ 20:00 on ATV

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